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April 27, 2019
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May 13, 2019
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May 13, 2019

TRACE Plug-in

The TRAC/RELAP Advanced Computational Engine (TRACE) code is the latest in a series of advanced, best-estimate reactor systems codes developed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for analyzing transient and steady-state neutronic-thermal-hydraulic behavior in light water reactors. It is the product of a long term effort to combine the capabilities of the NRC’s four main systems codes (TRAC-P, TRAC-B, RELAP5 and RAMONA) into one modernized computational tool.

The TRACE plug-in requires installation of the PARCS plug-in. Please note that the PARCS plug-in will automatically be selected for installation with the TRACE plug-in if you choose to install SNAP directly from the web site. If you download the installation packages to a folder for later installation, the TRACE plug-in will not be available for installation unless you include the PARCS plug-in in your download.

The TRACE Plug-in User's Manual provides instructions for working with TRACE models in SNAP. This Manual is also available as a searchable help set in SNAP.

Change Log

Version 4.0.2 - Released 5/23/2019:

  • Updated to the TPR Specification for TRACE V5.1260.
  • Support for sensitivity coefficients was updated to allow entering different values of the coefficients for selected sets of components in addition to entering the global value for the coefficient. Updates to the Uncertainty Quantification plug-in were also made to support this feature.
  • The pipe and vessel components have been updated to support the narrow rectangular geometry pipe type, with the associated cell properties.
  • An issue was corrected where the context selection for a vessel could fail if the selected cell was affected by the display mode filter.
  • Various "small" optimizations were made to the TRACE ASCII export routines to improve the responsiveness of very large models (4+ megabytes) that become sluggish when shown in the Validation Display or ASCII Viewer.
  • The Power component was updated to include the G-Factor table option.
  • TRACE models support having zero cards for the title record. Previously a blank line was always inserted during export as a title record.
  • The TRACE job step was updated to resolve an issue where a TRACE job step was considered failed if it did not generate a trcdif output file.
  • The vessel 3D display has been updated to improve performance and display quality.