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February 10, 2019
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February 19, 2018
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February 19, 2018
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AptPlot - Download & Installation

AptPlot is easily installed on any system that has a Java 8.0 or later JRE. The software is packaged in APT's Java installation software which simplifies the installation process and provides platform specific launchers for Java applications. SNAP is bundled with it's own Java VM for the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows 64-bit. (AMD64/Intel-64)
  • Linux 64 bit (AMD64/Intel-64)

Step 1: Prerequisites

AptPlot requires Java Standard Edition (SE) 8.0 or later for installation. Prior to installing AptPlot, you should insure that you have an appropriate JRE installed on your system. This JRE is required for the installer.

Depending on where you install the software, you may require administrative priveledges. Check with your system administrator.

Step 2: Download Installer
Download the AptPlot Installer to a local directory.

Step 3: Run the Installer
Under Windows you should be able to double-click on the jar file from Windows Explorer to launch the application. If your system does not automatically launch jar files in this mannor or if you default Java Runtime is earlier than 6.0, open a shell (i.e. DOS Command Window or Bash Shell), change to the directory where you downloaded the installer, and run the command:

<Path to your Java Installation>/java -jar AptPlotInstaller.jar

This should open an installer dialog that will prompt you for the location to install the Application along with any installation options.

Step 4: Test the Installation
Under Windows: Open the Start Menu, Select All Programs, Select the Program Group Plotting Tools, then Select AptPlot.

Under Linux, MAC OSX, Unix, etc, Run the Shell Script located in the bin diectory of the installation.

The application should start open in the display.

AptPlot will create a ".aptplot" directory under your home directory where it saves various program settings. If you encounter a problem running the application, open the aptplot.screen file located in this directory using a text editor and check for error messages.


Building AptPlot from Source Code

Please note that a Developer's Manual is currently planned that will document building the application as well as detailing Plug-in development. The following instructions should suffice for now to build the app:

Make sure you have an apppropriate Java Developer's Kit (JDK) installed along with Ant and a good Java IDE. Download the source code, and unzip it to a new directory. Modify the build.xml to point to the appropriate libraries then run the ant build.xml target to create the aptplot.jar file.